Tattoos By Smivee

"Sledge Hammer Tattoo Crew has a set of flash and another on the way. All to benefit a fellow old timer who may well have inspired most of today’s traditional artists, and a legend in NYC. The second set will go to yet another old timer in need. All proceeds for the sale of this flash will go straight to these old timers, even the printing cost was donated.

All sets are printed on 110# card stock, Printed not Copied. They were all scanned in on a high res scanner. All are street shop Traditionally influenced Sheets.

The first set is 23 sheets and a bonus print from Australia Tattoo legend Jed Hill. This set includes sheets from the following artists: Ronnie Dell'Aquila, Pete Giaquinto, Jed Hill, Mike Schweigert Richie Montgomery, Phil Luck, Krooked Ken, Dave Steele, Robert Freund, Eddie Senzala, Rich Fie, Scott "SMIVEE" Valencia, Edward Ox Occhipinti, Eric Perfect, Dave Mowers, Stevie Wells, Marc Larsen ,Patrick Dean, Rich Heller,Brian Fusaro, , Vinny "the Knife" Scully and Chris H.

The set is $180 and ready to ship now. Viewthe rest of this set here

The second set are 13, 11 x 17 vertical sheets are set to come out soon. Each artist picked a subject and ran with it. The sheets will include the following artists: Ernie Carafa, Rich Fie, Ronnie Dell'aquila, Scott Smivee Valencia, Ox Occhipinti, Mike Schweigert, Eric Perfect, John Massie, Pete Giaquinto, Robert Freund, Eddie Perelta (Senzala) and Dave Mowers.

The set will be $150 and include line drawings.

To order these sheets contact Smivee on facebook ( )

All of the sets can also be picked up at any of The Sledge hammer Tattoo crews shop.

Jed Hill will be in charge of any orders in Australia and New Zealand. You can contact him through facebook."
Smivee makes it in the Daily record..Morris County NJ
SMIVEE.COM is live
I would like to thank everyone who has visited this page..I hope that this can be a stopping point for all of you who wish to enjoy my tattoos and artwork! You can also contact me through here to set up a tattoo appointment. I know a lot of tattooers have become UNAPPROACHABLE in recent years, but I know without YOU, there would be no ME...and although I like to make sure and give you the best tattoo possible, sometimes a WHOLE BUNCH OF SMALL IDEAS DO NOT MAKE ONE GREAT TATTOO.. But I will work with you and try to steer you in the right direction.. I have done a few tattoos in my time, so I know what will and won't look good down the road. I hope you can trust me enough that I won't steer you wrong. Thanks and look forward to sharing ideas and time together.